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Public Service


Serving Local Communities

Community service is at the core of our educational philosophy. Through participation in vision screenings and clinical work throughout a student’s experience, their education is both meaningful and impactful. The work students do makes a difference.

New England College of Optometry continues this tradition of community service today through its partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, via the expansion of its network of community health centers, and with our Mobile Eye Clinic, designed to transport vision care directly to patients.  The partnership with the Boys and Girls club brings screenings and glasses directly into the local community.

Serving Communities Around the World

NECO students carry on the College’s dedication to Impact - whether traveling to Nicaragua to screen children, dispensing glasses in inner city neighborhoods, or providing care to veterans, bringing vision care to those in need is their promise. This compassion, innovation, and excellence are the driving forces behind all that we do, providing the foundations for our educational philosophy, clinical experience, and our partnerships and collaborations.

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