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Career Workshops and Events


The Office of Alumni Relations provides several workshops and events throughout the year to connect current students with alumni and meet the career needs of students at the College.

Annual Career Seminar

Started almost 40 years ago, this event is hosted annually during the first week in November. A panel of ten alumni from 10 modalities of optometry such as community health centers, private practice, industry, and the VA discuss their career paths and present options for students to explore . The program is followed by dinner and informal networking for students and alumni.

Practice Management Events: 

Each year, students and alumni are invited to four practice management events hosted by Alumni Relations.   Lecturers include lawyers, marketing and media executives, financial advisors and optometric industry professionals.

  • Risk Management:  Legalities of setting up a private practice, LLC, malpractice etc.
  • Marketing:  Presenting You and Your practice. Identifying your client, logo design, social media, internal and external marketing options and find the right balance
  • Finance: Stock market, debt management, long range financial planning
  • Scope of Practice: Exploring the broadening scope of practice

Graduate Strong

This Student Council event, sponsored by NECO’s Alumni Association is held annually during the third week of April.  Students throughout the program are encouraged to attend.  At the event, a panel discussion is presented by recent NECO graduates, offering current student real-time information on:

  • Licensing
  • Debt management
  • Practice management
  • Insurance

The format is a question and answer session followed by dinner and networking. In 2015, a separate Canadian version of the event was introduced to support our Canadian students. 

Dinner with ODs

This annual program takes place in January and February and is sponsored by NECO’s Alumni Association in partnership with the NECO Private Practice (Student) Club (PPC) and the NECO Chapter of the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA).  This program matches practicing NECO OD’s with approximately five students to meet for an informal dinner/discussion at local restaurants. Alumni provide advice and mentorship to current NECO students regarding the various modes of optometry practice today including, but not limited to private practice, VA settings, education, research, public health and government related jobs. 

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