My First Rotation as an OD4 image

My First Rotation as an OD4

I recently completed my first rotation as an OD4 at a Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Hospital and found it to be one of my favorite clinical sites to date. All NECO students are required to complete 4 three-month long rotations at various sites, during their final year in the program: a Veteran’s Affairs…

Picking Up the Pace image

Picking Up the Pace

Another semester is just beginning, but after several weeks of summer vacation, I am getting ready for my new clinical placements! Over the summer term at NECO, I had the pleasure of experiencing three different clinic sites spread out over five days of the week.

Third Year Jitters image

Third Year Jitters

I cannot believe I am a third year student now! It feels great blogging again now that the fall semester is under way. I had a wonderful time working in clinic the first part of the summer. As third year students, the majority of our summer session consists of 30-40 hours of clinical education. My…

Home Sweet Boston: 70 cent avocados, free Kelly Clarkson concert, $9 Red Sox tickets, and more! image

Home Sweet Boston: 70 cent avocados, free Kelly Clarkson concert, $9 Red Sox tickets, and more!

One of the reasons I decided to come to NECO was its location in the heart of Boston. Having attending Boston College for 4 years, many of my friends and family asked if I really wanted to commit to staying in Boston for 3-4 more years. There was never any hesitation when it came to this question…

Traveling to Tanzania on a OneSight Service Trip image

Traveling to Tanzania on a OneSight Service Trip

Shane Stevens and classmate Denis Shlosman, Class of 2018, were chosen by AOSA and AOA leaders to join a team of 25 optometric students on a OneSight clinic in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in May. OneSight is a leading organization in providing sustainable vision care solutions to communities around…

Halfway There! image

Halfway There!

The month of April was filled with lots of exciting adventures and activities! First off, the private practice club held three wonderful speaker events. I especially enjoyed listening to Dr. Kristin O’Brien speak about what to expect after taking boards examinations. Dr. O’Brien went straight…

Surviving the Clinical Skills Exam (CSE) image

Surviving the Clinical Skills Exam (CSE)

Poonam is a member of the Class of 2020. She’s been working in the Communications Office as an OD1 contributing to our social media and website. Below, she shares her experiences as a first year taking the Clinical Skills Exam.

Get Involved, Don’t Miss Out! image

Get Involved, Don’t Miss Out!

Like any other school, NECO students have the opportunity to get involved in student organizations. On interview day, a lot of prospective students ask, “How do you participate in these organizations with the workload you’re given?” And the truth is, what you take from these experiences correlates…

May the Fourth Year Be With You image

May the Fourth Year Be With You

It has been more than a month since I wrote Part 1 of the National Board Examinations and the stress from intensively studying for 3 months straight has finally faded away. So have, unfortunately, many of the ocular facts I crammed into my head in preparation for this exam.

End of OD1 Reflections image

End of OD1 Reflections

My classmates and I are just two weeks and 5 final exams away from completing our first year of optometry school! The last couple weeks of OD1 have kept us very busy. We’ve been going on our last vision screenings of the semester, taking our second clinical skills exams, and completing group projects!