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Qualifying Exam, Conferences, and Publications! image

Qualifying Exam, Conferences, and Publications!

This blog post is so late I cannot remember just how late it is… let’s just assume that because you know I’m in the OD/PhD program through NECO and BU, and I’m in the trenches of the “PhD” half of it right now, you forgive me. (Learn more about…   Read More

A World of Vision

Perhaps because sight, I would argue, is the most precious sense, evolutionary pressures carefully selected for the most accurate and efficient visual system. The inconceivable amount of years that matured humans into what we are today have created a visual system that keeps your perception of color…   Read More

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

This past Tuesday marked the end of my Foundation in Biological Sciences courses (FiBS) as part of my graduate curriculum at BU. I can’t say I will miss those 7+ hours of FiBS lectures every week, but I am thankful they have helped me transition into a PhD student. These courses expose you to the…   Read More

Moving Right Along

The year 2014 has flown by, I’m sure we all can agree. I have completed my first semester of my PhD program at Boston University! I will admit this was one of the hardest semesters I have endured, for many reasons, but the change from learning clinical education and visual science to molecular elements…   Read More

Life Order

Greetings friends, For anyone who is just stumbling upon my blog, I am an OD/PhD dual degree student at NECO and Boston U. The program structure is a 3-3-1: 3 years at NECO, 3 years at BU, and 1 last year in clinic through NECO. I am almost to the halfway point! I have finished 3 years at NECO…   Read More

Hello, World

I am back in Boston after taking the longest vacation of my adult life. I spent two entire weeks in Florida, my home state, after the end of the spring semester. In undergrad and in optometry school, I was always doing something over the summers—classes, a work-study job, lab rotations, etc. I love…   Read More

On the Cusp

All OD3s are officially on the cusp on changes, challenges, and rewards. In a few days, we will receive our scores for the Part I National Board Exam of Optometry – i.e. find out if we passed! Then in a few weeks, my classmates will start their first 4th year rotation with a whole year of full time…   Read More

Happy Life

Happy life after Part one boards, OD3s! Our class spent a challenging two days at the Hynes Convention Center answering 500 questions over a total of 14 hours of testing. It was a monumental endeavor with a glorious relief once we were done. The National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) will…   Read More

Small Community, Big Benefits

Today, my cat, Grady, is meeting his potential roommate, a Beagle-Dachshund mix I will call “Al” to protect his identity. Grady and I are looking to move to an apartment with roommates next year in order to save on rent, gain some more living space, and gain some new friends. We’re still in…   Read More

A Treat and a Good Book

Welcome back from the holidays, everyone! My winter break in Florida was very successful. I saw all my family and friends I wanted to see and even some dolphins! Now I am back to school, clinic, and boards prep.   Read More

On Life’s Sciences

I’m about two weeks away from heading back to Florida for winter break. My break is going to be just about as busy as my fall semester has been, but this is how I live now. I tend to get very overwhelmed when my busy schedule reaches a new peak, but after a while, I adjust and can function pretty…   Read More

Becoming a Professional

I googled the word “professionalism” and this is the top definition that appears in the search results: “the competence or skill expected of a professional; ‘the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism.’ ”   Read More

Hashtag “Adult”

Scientists say that the brain cannot multitask. Technically true, but you may find yourself frequently multitasking. The brain cannot perform two tasks simultaneously, but must quickly switch between (among) the multiple tasks you are demanding of it. I’ve also read that people do not tend to perform…   Read More

The Blog About Nothing

A very intelligent postdoc (a postdoc is a PhD graduate’s research position working in a lab after graduation) I once knew at my undergrad always had interesting and thought-provoking questions for us to discuss over lunch. One that stands out in my memory is the question, “If your life was a…   Read More

Tools for Success

As the summer is coming to a close, I’ve finished my last week of my third lab rotation at BU. I loved my six weeks in the fish lab and have chosen (and thankfully have been accepted) to stay! This means that I will complete the three years of my PhD work in this lab on the BU medical campus. Working…   Read More

Fish Do Sleep

Even when I get to sleep extremely early (for a 24-year-old’s standards), I still find it extremely hard to get up in the morning. I hit snooze on my multiple alarms for at least 30 minutes every morning before I can drag myself onto my feet. That habit of mine will probably not change. What is…   Read More

Fish Life

As my summer session at NECO (with a couple courses and clinic time) is coming to an end, I will start working in my third and final lab rotation at the BU med campus. After this rotation, it will be time to official choose/be matched with a lab to complete my PhD at BU. So, the OD/PhD program I’m…   Read More

From the Classroom to Clinic

As my class of 2015 finished our second year of optometry school this spring, summertime marks the beginning of our first clinical assignments as third year students, or OD3s. This is an exciting and very challenging transition, or at least I feel this way. The degree of expertise that a preceptor…   Read More

Better With Time

It’s proficiency time for the OD2s right now. We are all tested on the techniques we have learned since the beginning of the semester, so for this proficiency we have to perform techniques that evaluate the angle at the anterior chamber of the eye (gonioscopy) and the retina at the back of the eye…   Read More

Happy Studying

I want to discuss personal happiness with your place in the world. A really great quote that impacted me years ago went something like, “You can either change your situation, or change your reaction.” I don’t remember who said the quote or even where I heard it, but it still rings so true. When…   Read More