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Snowy Vermont Rotation for the Winter image

Snowy Vermont Rotation for the Winter

Transitioning from California back to the wintery east cost for my third rotation at White River Junction Veterans Affairs hospital in Vermont was easier than anticipated. As a born-and-raised Californian, I’ve had this really idealistic mindset that the mountains of the East Coast are an eternal…   Read More

Clinical Rotations, A Time to Start Shaping Your Future image

Clinical Rotations, A Time to Start Shaping Your Future

With the craziness of studying for part 2 of the national board exams and preparing tirelessly for part 3 settling, I’ve finally had some time to reflect on my time at VA Long Beach as a fourth year intern for primary care and low vision evaluation.   Read More

Hello Fourth Year, Don’t Mind if I Dive Right In! image

Hello Fourth Year, Don’t Mind if I Dive Right In!

I can’t begin to express how exhilarating it is finally being a fourth year student. The daily challenge is both nerve racking and rewarding. I am currently rotating through a very high patient volume private practice in New Hampshire which also happens to have a large ocular disease population…   Read More

My VOSH Trip to the Dominican Republic image

My VOSH Trip to the Dominican Republic

The beginning of April in the third year of optometry school is always greatly anticipated if you are part of SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) at NECO. It is when the optometric mission trip happens for third years that have completed their required hours over the course of…   Read More

Basic Survival Guide to Part One of Board Exams image

Basic Survival Guide to Part One of Board Exams

Board exams are done and real life can finally resume! That pretty much sums up the spring term of third year in one sweeping sentence.   Read More

Resolutions, Goals, and Self-Love

My how time flies in school! ​ 2016 is here and it’s a fresh new year. I started this blog thinking about my potential new year resolutions. In previous years, I’ve tried to be on the practical end, making resolutions like “procrastinate less” or “make it to all the 8:00am classes,”…   Read More

Fourth Year Rotations: The Beginning of the End

It was the end of a long clinic day in Middleboro, MA: a small town kind of place about an hour outside of Boston. My preceptors were gracious enough to pick us up from the subway station so we didn’t have to rent a car or pay extra for a taxi or Uber. I had seen 7 patients that day, some a little…   Read More

Tackling Some “I Don’t Know” Lessons of My Third Year

It’s fall time in New England and while the leaves are still working on the fall foliage, per classic Boston weather indecisiveness, it’s been fluctuating between 92 degrees and 65 degrees every week. I’ve learned the key to surviving Boston’s “special” weather is layers, always throw…   Read More

Why Summer Session as a Third Year is Awesome

My destination for summer session was Boston Medical Center, where I practiced full-scope optometry under the supervision of doctors 3 days of the week. Boston Medical Center is also a teaching hospital for Boston University’s various medical specialties, so it’s quite a busy campus. I…   Read More

Places in Boston to Go When You Visit NECO

That critical moment when you realize you’ve just entered the last summer of your academic life is daunting to say the least. Between OD2 and OD3, students get about 6 weeks of vacation time before starting summer session classes. Since rotations start in a year, it’s presumably the last “summer…   Read More

You Get What You Put In & Learning From the Wise

First thing’s first, an over-due, promised update regarding my Private Practice Club event: Dine Out With Doctors. This was such a fun event. It incorporated networking not only with a current O.D.s, but also allowed different classes of optometry students to mingle a bit. I got to chat with a few…   Read More

From BIO to Blizzard, 10 Lessons from this January

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (aka “BIO”) is something I am not magically good at. Purkinje dots are a pain to keep aligned all the time and “lunging” is a position I am not used to being in. If you thought you had perfect eyes, your binocular vision courses will…   Read More

Be Inspired and Be Humbled, Always.

Before I got into optometry school, I felt like time passed by me slowly. It wasn’t until I was sitting in my black robe and a gold tassel hanging on my head that I realized how fast undergraduate had flown by. However, with every semester that passes at NECO, I feel the sands of time slipping through…   Read More

Sleep? I’ll Sleep with the Turkey!

My second year is in full swing now and it’s everything everyone promised it would be AND MORE. The glamorous white coat ceremony in September and a round of midterms and proficiencies through October have taken me through quite the emotional roller coaster thus far and it’s only been 2 months!…   Read More

Summer Time Working, Huzzah! Wait, Working?

SUMMER TIME PARTYING, HOORAH! Summer time has been fun, relaxing, and still slightly tiring. No matter how hard I try to spend it leisurely, I find myself spending hours scoping the internet and checking out what’s happening in Boston and its neighboring cities and pouring over the different…   Read More

Bright City, Lights, and Some Good Eats

It’s been two weeks since spring break and approximately one week since the first day of spring and yet no sign of spring has shown itself here in Boston! In fact, the only noteworthy events we’ve had thus far is an over-hyped snow storm that consisted of 1 hour of floating dots that melted before…   Read More

New Year, New Semester, New Notes!

After surviving my first semester of optometry school, I feel like I’ve definitely learned a few things and have come up with some improvements to my new life in Boston! This is a completely personal feeling, so if you got straight As before, definitely don’t change your methods on account of…   Read More

Giving Thanks to Friendsgiving: November and the Holidays as an Orphan

​As the cold sets in and people start walking around in ridiculously puffy outfits, I’m beginning to miss the West Coast. Boston does a great job of getting into the festive spirit with Christmas lights lining Newbury Street and Commonwealth Avenue and NECO itself isn’t too shabby either with…   Read More

October, the Month That Was Everything

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! As October draws to an end, it’s a great feeling to be able to tell you all that I survived my first round of midterms of graduate school and I am still alive to tell the tale. It’s a very particular sense of accomplishment to be on campus at 8am and then leave campus…   Read More

Heading into the Spooks of Midterms!

October is just about here, which means school’s been in session for a full month already…that’s crazy! It’s about a week before my first midterm week and I’m already exhausted! I watch the sunlight shine into the library and I become jealous of the shoppers, the sun glass-wearers, and the…   Read More