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Clinical Gains image

Clinical Gains

Spring break has finally come to an end and I’m ready for a fresh start. At this point being almost 2 years into optometry school, we are no longer learning brand new information. Now we are learning about previous material but going into further detail and building upon prior knowledge. This will…   Read More

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Adventures of Second Year

With 2017 in full swing, my spring semester at NECO has just begun. I have already attended numerous events sponsored by the student clubs. One of the most recent events was Casino Night held by the VOSH organization to help fundraise for their upcoming mission trip. NECO was transformed into a casino…   Read More

Looking Back at 20/16 image

Looking Back at 20/16

What a year 2016 has been! Looking back at this year, I cannot believe at all the accomplishments the Class of 2019 at NECO has achieved.   Read More

Am I Proficient Yet? image

Am I Proficient Yet?

What a tiresome, yet successful month and a half it has been. This past October, I studied countless hours in order to prepare for midterm examinations. The second years took six midterm exams in a span of nine days to test our knowledge of what we learned since the beginning of the semester. We are…   Read More

I’ll Have on My Coat and Tie! image

I’ll Have on My Coat and Tie!

With September winding down, the time has finally come! No, I’m not talking about cooler weather, but about finally receiving our white coats! With families and friends traveling from all over the country to attend the ceremony, it will be an unforgettable to remember. NECO is unique in a…   Read More

One Year Down, Many to Go image

One Year Down, Many to Go

And with a blink of an eye, my first year at NECO comes to an end. It amazes me at the amount of information I learned in just one year. From learning the anatomy of the eye to all of the entrance testings, from becoming proficient on using the phoropter to working the slit lamp, we pretty much mastered…   Read More